Zumba Throwback Thursday

For this project the goal of the client was to have the Zumba dance event that the WELL was hosting be a throwback 80's and 90's themed event. They had asked specifically for a boombox to be integrated into design somehow and to have it accompanied by the colors that are most associated with the time period. The client had also provided a few images as inspiration for the mood they were looking to achieve with the event, one of the images being the back to the future logo. The really cool part about the Back to The Future logo is that it has an arrow that points backwards and fits conveniently in with the "k" in the word "back. When designing I decided to integrate that arrow element into my Zumba Throwback title, giving a little callback to such a famous movie franchise that was established in the mid 80's. Overall I couldn't be happier with how all of the elements came together as a whole for this project.